So I’ve really had to think about this and I have to say that I’m intimidated.  I envision having an art shelf in my studio at home and in the classroom at school, and now that I’ve been reading into some of the documents on how to make paints I am recognizing that I am unprepared mentally.  I have moved on to dyes and inks and still I’m not sure.  I want to acknowledge that in food dyes I would rather just eat the precious berries that I grow or harvest so onion skin dye appeals to me in that, as Ivan said, you can still eat the onion.  Acorn dye appeals to me as well as I don’t eat acorns anyways and there are a lot of them around here.  With coffee, yes my husband drinks a cup every day, but we use the grounds as an integral part of our compost and coffee is also imported and not grown around here.  This is all a long way of saying that I am going to dive deep into “Wild Color” and “Nature’s Palette” (although the second one is a 400+ page book that I am looking forward to picking my way through.  Thank you for sharing that resource Ivan!).  I would also like to do make my own charcoal as I think that will be a fun one to do with my kids and with students.  Lastly I would like to look into making my own tools, but that will come in time but I want to leave myself open to it in case that’s the road I take along with dyes.

My biggest challenge?  I am my biggest challenge.  I tend to take on a big project and sometimes talk myself out of it, get worried, don’t have enough time and then put it on the back burner.  To have you all here to help me be accountable will help a lot as well as having a presentation date.  I have the time, I have the resources and the want to do it and I just need to get past the inertia of it all.

Short-term I want to play with the options I’ve chosen to see what really sticks for me.  Long-term I would like to become proficient in what I’ve chosen and to gain a collection of dyes and knowledge of what I can forage and what I can grow.  Ultimately I would like to have a dye garden that I plan out this year to plant next year.  Thoughts?  Help with this?  Can I assume that planning a dye garden will be in one of the tabs that you’ve posted Ivan?  Or are there resources you all would point me towards.

I apologize for this post being late, it was just a lot to process for me.  I really want to understand what I want do and what I need help with, so thank you all for your patience.  I look forward to comments.