The Circuit, Week 3, day 2.

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It was International and National Hunter derby day today.  Along with the Welcome stake it was a big day in Gulfport.            

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The Circuit, Week 3, day 1.

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Made some new friends today at IDK Media Group.  They are streaming some of the big classes during the show.  Enjoy!

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The Circuit, Week 2

This gallery contains 6 photos.

So, I’m a week behind — this photo digest is from last weekend, 3/1 and 3/2.  Enjoy and no worries, I’ll be up to date this week.  That’s right, I’m here for week 3!

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The Circuit, day 4.

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It rained all day today.  Not a lot of photos to take as we had a short day.  Made it over to Hunter Land for a bit, but most are from Jumper Land (as usual) and from sitting around during … Continue reading

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The Circuit, Day 3.

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So, I was a little busy today. Only a couple of photos to show for now — some behind the scenes and end of the day work.  See you tomorrow!  

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The Circuit, Day 2

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More today, enjoy!

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The Circuit, Day 1.

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      The day as I saw it… More tomorrow!  

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Is anyone still listening to me?

So… it’s been almost two years. That’s right, two, 2, dos, deux, zwei. However you say it, it’s been too long. So when I said in my last post: “… please forgive me if you don’t hear from me in a while.” I hope you will forgive me because I’m back and bringing in some new work. Some documentary work. I’m taking on a project I’ve been wanting to do for about 10 years. Right now it’s titled: The Circuit. Let me know what you think, or not. But, whatever you do, I’m here and trying and hopefully getting somewhere good. Photos to come.

Shipping Halters

Shipping Halters


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Blackberry Anthotype

My blackberry Anthotype is here!

I thought I’d hit you up with it right away because I am so excited about this print!  The blackberry dye turned the paper a beautiful rich purple at first

and it left some great blackberry residue on the paper which I think works well with the photograph.

Now, for the educational portion of this blog post.  No yawning!  Keep reading, I promise it will be good!

Presenting… The difference between blackberries and black raspberries.  As I grew up on a farm, and picked these lovely berries regularly throughout the summer and fall, I thought everyone knew the difference.   But that is not the case!  I had to brush up on my knowledge too before writing this to make sure I was giving you the right information and not just something from my childhood that I had decided was true.

So, I lived (before we moved in October) near a row of blackberry bushes.  Blackberry row was on the driveway to our home and I walked past it every day when I took my dogs to the dog park.  Can’t get a more local food than that!

I couldn’t wait until the blackberries became ripe so I could pick them and eat them on my way to the park.  Blackberry trait #1: Blackberries come in season later than black raspberries.

When I finally did get to pick them in August/September, I brought a bowl down with me and loaded up!

Blackberry trait #2:  When you pick blackberries, the berry is not hollow like a black raspberry, the berry itself has a soft core on the inside of it.

When I got these delicious berries home it was hard not to eat them all and sacrifice some of them in order to make my Anthotype.  So I spent some time photographing the blackberries in various configurations before I decided on using the branch for my final choice (which meant I got to eat all of the blackberries in that bowl!  Yes!).  The berries on their own are not as interesting to me as when the thorns and the texture of the stem and leaves come into play — photographically at least, eating them is a different story.

Blackberry trait #3: Blackberries tend to be shinier and smoother and black raspberries have more of a waxy look to them.

There!  Now you can be an expert too and impress all of your friends this summer with your fantastic berry knowledge.  To give you a bit of extra knowledge, you are most likely to encounter blackberries in the farmer’s markets and grocery stores.  For reasons I am not aware of they are more salable than black raspberries.

I will have the blackberry Anthotype on my website for purchase.  First come, first serve as there is only one.  I am still giving proceeds from the sale of my Anthotypes to Curry Without Worry — an update on that later.

Happy Spring everyone!  And please forgive me if you don’t hear from me in a while.  I am 39 weeks pregnant and ready to pop.


Me with my horse Strike

I hear that there isn’t much sleep or functioning in my future, so wish me luck!

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6-month recap

I can’t believe its been 6 months since I’ve posted.  Trust me, I have a valid excuse.

Main Excuse:  I’m pregnant!

Not my most recent pregnancy picture, but the coolest looking one.

Currently I am on my 35th week and to be honest, I haven’t been feeling all that creative during my pregnancy.  I had a friend ask me if being pregnant made me more creative or if most of my creative energy was going towards the baby.  I hadn’t thought about it like that, but most of my creative energy has been going towards the baby.  Interesting.

Also interesting, is that now, entering the end of my 3rd trimester, I am feeling creative again!  Perhaps it’s nesting.  But look out!  Cause I’m ready.  Actually it comes in spurts and then I have to nap or take a couple of days off to obsess over my registry, but it feels good to feel a creative energy coming through again.

That being said, here’s my 6-month recap.

First off, Winter Beet came back from the Center for Fine Art Photography show.

Which means it didn’t sell which is fine, because it did get a lot of time up in the gallery.  Another bonus about this is that the Center for Fine Art Photography contacted me personally and wants to see more of my Anthotype work.  Exciting!  And more work is coming… see my next blog post.

Secondly, I sold a second Anthotype.  This time it was Purple Potatoes!

Purple Potatoes is one of my favorite prints goes to my great friend Tania in Seattle.  Thanks Tania!

Thirdly, I am really loving Instagram right now.  For those of you who don’t know, its a photo app on the iPhone where you can take pictures and upload them for your friends to see.  Kinda like a Twitter for photos (since I’m not a fan of Twitter, this is my outlet).  Its great because my phone is always with me and I can just snap away at whatever inspires me.  Then you can do all kinds of variations to the photo — like make it sepia toned, black and white, give it a boarder, or a warm tone (all things that used to take HOURS in a dark room I can do at a touch of a button) — and post it.

Yes I know, me with sunglasses and dog. It's how I roll.

If you’re on Instagram, follow me and I’ll follow you too!  My handle is “sbgphoto”.

That’s all for the recap.  I am working on posting about my new Anthotype.  So look for that soon.  Sooner than 6 months from now that’s for sure.  Happy Winter!

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